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Success is all about who you know. ICON's award-winning team combine deal expertise with deep market and sector knowledge.

Award-Winning Team

Award-Winning Team:

Our team of global citizens from - London, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Harare, Paris, Munich, Brussels, Melbourne, Mumbai - bring a deep understanding of global tech deals. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with entrepreneurs, top-tier investors, and the global buyers of tech companies. We’ve transacted in 25 countries & closed 250+ deals.

  • Alan Bristow

    Alan Bristow


  • Brian Parker

    Brian Parker

    Head of M&A

  • Nicky Cotter

    Nicky Cotter

    Co-Founder ICON & The FinTech50
    Head of FinTech M&A & Funding

  • Eddie Harding

    Eddie Harding


  • Simon Moynagh

    Simon Moynagh


  • Ben Kolada

    Ben Kolada

    Director & Head of US Tech Investment Banking

  • Sumeet Pillai

    Sumeet Pillai

    Investment Director

  • Monica Shupikai Simmons

    Monica Shupikai Simmons

    Director and Head of Africa Tech Investment Banking

  • Florian Depner

    Florian Depner


  • David Bell

    David Bell


  • Alice Bradshaw-Smith

    Alice Bradshaw-Smith

    Head of Marketing

  • William Lander

    William Lander

    Associate Director

  • Will Cave

    Will Cave

    Associate Director

  • Henry Jones

    Henry Jones

    Corporate Finance Executive

  • Ritika Hiranandani

    Ritika Hiranandani

    In-Country Expert India & US

  • Lisette Walker

    Lisette Walker

    Research Analyst
    Deal Support

  • Tomma Boulanger

    Tomma Boulanger


  • Akshay Goteti

    Akshay Goteti


  • Peach


    Head of Happiness - Global