ICON is a trusted international M&A and Fundraising investment bank delivering higher value outcomes for our clients. We have deep sector knowledge, excellent global relationships and we get results!

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Team ICON:

ICON is committed to supporting high growth tech companies. Our international team is drawn from UK, New York, Munich, Melbourne, Mumbai, Nairobi, Harare, Brussels and Hong Kong and combine in-depth deal expertise with deep sector expertise.

  • Alan Bristow

    Alan Bristow


  • Brian Parker

    Brian Parker

    Head of M&A

  • Nicky Cotter

    Nicky Cotter

    Co-Founder ICON & The FinTech50
    Head of FinTech M&A & Funding

  • Eddie Harding

    Eddie Harding


  • Simon Moynagh

    Simon Moynagh


  • Ben Kolada

    Ben Kolada

    Director & Head of US Tech Investment Banking

  • Sumeet Pillai

    Sumeet Pillai

    Investment Director

  • Monica Shupikai Simmons

    Monica Shupikai Simmons

    Director and Head of Africa Tech Investment Banking

  • Florian Depner

    Florian Depner


  • David Bell

    David Bell


  • Alice Bradshaw-Smith

    Alice Bradshaw-Smith

    Head of Marketing

  • William Lander

    William Lander

    Associate Director

  • Will Cave

    Will Cave

    Associate Director

  • Henry Jones

    Henry Jones

    Corporate Finance Executive

  • Ritika Hiranandani

    Ritika Hiranandani

    In-Country Expert India & US

  • Lisette Walker

    Lisette Walker

    Research Analyst
    Deal Support

  • Tomma Boulanger

    Tomma Boulanger


  • Akshay Goteti

    Akshay Goteti


  • Peach


    Head of Happiness - Global

Full team

Global Reach:

ICON has a truly international network of relationships across the global M&A, Venture Capital, Private Equity and CVCs communities – validated by our track record of cross-border deals


What sets us apart?


We are 100% dedicated to the technology sector

Track Record

Closed over 250 deals—deep deal and negotiation knowledge

Sector Expertise

Deep industry contacts and relationships across the international community

Global Reach

We identify and target the most relevant acquirers across our global network


Owned entirely by our team - so your transaction will be very important to us

Maximise Value

We drive a rigorous process to maximise competitive tension and minimise dilution


Partner-led advice—no ‘B’ team


“Huge thanks to Eddie Harding and Florian Depner from ICON for all the hard work. Selling a company is a complex matter, even when both sides know from day one that joining forces makes all the sense in the world. Therefore I found it invaluable to be surrounded by experienced advisors, especially for me as a first time founder.”
Egil Bergenlind, Co-founder, DPOrganizer
“Blue Yonder has long been renowned as a leader in supply chain management and consistently pursues the vision of being the largest end-to-end platform in the world. Therefore, we are proud to contribute to this mission with our experienced team and our end-to-end portfolio."
Philipp Beisswenger, CEO, flexis
“We’re excited to team up with Octopus Ventures, they resonated with our ambition from the start to revolutionize the cloud data market. With this funding we aim to triple our revenue by 2025.”
Piet De Windt, CEO and co-founder, VaultSpeed
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