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Ritika Hiranandani Profile

Ritika Hiranandani Profile:

Ritika Hiranandani

Ritika Hiranandani

In-Country Expert India & US

Ritika is our in-country expert in the US & India and is incredibly well connected across the Indo-US tech and finance community. She has invaluable expertise and connections to help source people, partners, and customers.


  • In the Indo-US tech and finance community.
  • Being a strategist for business initiatives primarily in the technology sector.
  • Ritika is passionate about identifying business opportunities and providing cost-effective technology solutions.
  • Enjoys creating revenue and implementing corporate funding with M&A strategies that are aligned with core business objectives.

She provides a range of services and has created strategic partnerships for several early stage and medium-large corporations to grow their overseas business in India, US, UK, Australia. She delivers targeted market development plans to support portfolio company activities and helps with investment team decisions.

Qualifications: She has a master’s degree in Commerce and Business from Mumbai University, Business Strategy from Harvard Business School, and is a Member of the Women’s US Chamber of Commerce.