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ICON believes the M&A market will remain buoyant in 2021 boosted by low interest rates, high valuations, low taxation

31 Jan 2021

Despite the COVID crisis, 2020 saw over 700 tech M&A deals in the UK and more than 4,700 globally. ICON believes the market will remain buoyant in 2021 boosted by low interest rates, high valuations, low taxation, and optimism as COVID 19 vaccines roll out. “It’s a Seller’s market” said Brian Parker, Co-Founder and Head of M&A at ICON, which has closed over 250 tech deals.

The webinar, which takes place at 1600 on Thursday, 4 February, will address trends in tech M&A, the ‘hot’ sectors, and the dos don’ts of exiting. Chaired by Dan Whitewood, Legal Director at leading international law firm, TLT Partners, the panel consists of an unparalleled level of experience providing invaluable insight from the buyer, seller, PE investor, lawyers and corporate finance advisers, providing a 360-degree perspective to the process. Participants include:

· Josh Rowe, Head of M&A ClearCourse Partnership:

The most acquisitive UK acquirer in recent years, ClearCourse – backed by Aquiline Capital Partners – has closed over 22 deals in just two years (equal to almost one deal each month). Josh will bring the buyer’s perspective to the discussion.

· Matthew Jacobs, Investment Director, Livingbridge:

A mid-tier private equity house with £2bn of assets under management, Livingbridge has completed over 150 investments. Matthew’s focus at Livingbridge is on new investment opportunities.

· Andy Littledale entrepreneur:

With overseas acquirers driving the market, Andy brings first-hand experience of the challenges of selling to a US tech company, having sold his analytics start-up SecondSync to Twitter.

· Brian Parker Head of M&A at ICON Corporate Finance

Commenting on the exit and acquisition webinar, Brian Parker, Co-Founder and Head of M&A at ICON, says: “We have a superb panel to discuss key issues such as: What buyers are looking for? How to maximise valuations? How remote working has affected the M&A process and What could destroy value during the exit process”.

“We’ll look too at the influence of overseas players and the considerations that founders need to take into account when looking to sell to foreign buyers. Given that cross-border deals rose to a record high in 2020, accounting for nearly half of all UK deals, understanding the nature of international deals is vital.”

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