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2017 & Vive la Tech Révolution

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2017 & Vive la Tech Révolution

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11 Jan 2017

2017 and the pace of the technology revolution that is happening all around us is accelerating FAST and...we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Digital transformation is changing every industry and the opportunities for today’s entrepreneurs are immense - from financial systems to automotive systems everything is changing. Driverless cars are now a reality, crypto currencies are real, IoT and automation in industry unlocking efficiencies on a scale not believed possible, renewable energy generating more energy than fossil fuels, traditional TV disappearing, robots taking over everyday jobs, homes connected to smart phones providing massive energy efficiencies, intelligence everywhere, EdTech transforming learning, HealthTech transforming healthcare in the developed world and already in developing countries where billions of lives are being transformed as digital healthcare and mobile payments bring huge positive change to everyday living. In California Hyperloop mass transport systems travelling at 700mph are being developed which will move people at airline speeds for the price of a bus ticket – Melbourne to Sydney in 55 minutes, virtual reality merging with reality, electric vehicles for all, AI becoming super smart, drones delivering the post and by courtesy of one of today’s great tech visionaries and entrepreneurs, Elon Musk, by 2030 vacations on Mars for $200,000.

Within this kaleidoscope of technology are great people creating great businesses and at ICON we remain forever extremely excited to play our part in working with these companies either helping raise the funds required to grow their business or to help management teams and entrepreneurs realise their value when it comes to turning the shareholder value that has been created into cash.In 2016 we played our part in delivering terrific exits for some of our clients and have helped some very exciting business get funded.

In early 2017 the world’s largest tech fund will close with $100 billion ready for the coming tech revolution – The Softbank Vision Fund – it’s been an exciting ride ever since we started ICON in 1999 and this year the ride has just got faster!

If it’s time to sell your business or to raise funding for growth - join us in 2017 for what will be an immensely exciting year for all of us.

Extraordinary people achieving extraordinary things.


Alan Bristow, CEO