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Meiosys sold to IBM

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Meiosys sold to IBM

25 Nov 2005

IBM has acquired Meiosys, which provides software technologies to dynamically move applications from one set of servers to another without disruption.

Meiosys products are used in the high-performance computing sector. Its MetaCluster product allows users to transfer applications between servers without having to modify or recompile them.

IBM said it would be integrating Meiosys technology into its own products and services later this summer. Meiosys technology already integrates with IBM’s Tivoli Provisioning Manager software.

Rod Adkins, IBM vice-president of development at the systems and technology group, said, “This acquisition gives IBM the ability to provide even more innovative capabilities for Unix and Linux, and will help advance our information-on-demand strategy and virtualisation capabilities for customers.”

Adkins said the advanced capabilities of Meiosys would complement Big Blue’s development roadmap for AIX 5L, IBM's strategic platform for Unix development, and help offer customers new application management and server consolidation solutions.

The purchase price for Meiosys has not been disclosed. The company is based in the US and Toulouse, France, and is strategically financed by a number of companies, including Cisco.

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