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InTo Technology

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InTo Technology

25 Nov 2007

ICON has successfully advised InTo Technology on its latest funding round of £4.5m which shall be used to support the marketing of the Intoscape Technology platform.

InTo Technology has developed the Intoscape™ Technology platform, an Integrated Supply Chain Management and ERP software solution developed for the burgeoning global online retail / reseller markets. The Intoscape™ solution uses standard communications combined with complex business algorithms to proactively manage the complex and fast moving relationships between suppliers, vendors, competitors, retailers and customers improving business efficiency in merchandising, marketing and procurement whilst requiring significantly less human resources.

To demonstrate the commercial advantages of the Intoscape platform, Into Technology Limited have deployed their own technology in an internet trading business, which offers computers and peripherals to the UK SME marketplace via its website and integrated customer services centre. In this application, Intoscape™ technology has been integrated with a globally standardised mid market ERP system and web store to give customers access to the largest UK online catalogue of over 150,000 IT products with real time information on best pricing and stock availability.

The resulting faster time to market with products and pricing, and the savings in operational costs deliver significantly better bottom line profits to e-retailer’s already having to trade in fiercely competitive markets.

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InTo Technology


United Kingdom

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Andrew Senior, CEO


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I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism and dynamism of ICON. Always at hand they proved their success in a challenging situation, facilitating the raising of funds across several different funders within a very tight parameter of two weeks, which was a challenge in itself. ICON managed to take on board an appreciation of the business, the financial and stakeholder history managing to identify the common ground between all parties whilst focusing on bringing the deal to a successful conclusion. I am absolutely delighted and very very impressed with ICON's perspicacity
Andrew Senior, CEO, InTo Technology
InTo Technology