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Digiquant sold to Intec

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Digiquant sold to Intec

25 Nov 2003

Intec Telecom Systems, a leading provider of telecom Operations Support Systems (OSS), acquires Digiquant A/S of Denmark, a global supplier of OSS/BSS (Business Support Systems) software for next-generation communications, content and data services.

“Acquiring Digiquant is a very exciting step for Intec,” said Chief Executive Kevin Adams. “As well as a solid contribution to our business growth we intend that Digiquant will substantially expand our technical capabilities into important new markets. Adding the very broad capabilities of IMS to products like the Intec Dynamic Charging Platform and Inter-contenT will allow us to offer customers the most complete, end-to-end OSS/BSS solution for advanced services, including content, next-generation wireless, VoIP, broadband, enterprise IP, and 3G.”

Digiquant brings to Intec strong synergies with its client base and product offering. More than 50 service providers use Digiquant’s award-winning IMS product line worldwide, including Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Tiscali, Telekom Malaysia, iBasis, and Omnitel Vodafone. IMS allows carriers, service providers, businesses and other users of data networks to manage and bill for advanced, next-generation services. Intec believes that the capabilities of the Digiquant OSS/BSS product set are highly complementary to its own OSS products, which address key operational requirements for large telecom operators in both traditional and next-generation markets.

“We are very pleased to have enhanced the future of the Digiquant business and product line by becoming part of a successful, global OSS company like Intec,” said Digiquant founder and CTO, Hasse Rasmussen. “Combining Digiquant’s technology and Intec’s global distribution capabilities opens many doors for both companies, as well as allowing Digiquant customers to be fully confident in the future of the product set.”

Digiquant’s OSS/BSS product set allows carriers and other businesses to manage numerous functions, including service activation, authentication, mediation, rating, billing, customer care and partner management. The product is used within a wide range of organisations, including GSM operators, major ISPs and broadband providers, traditional and VoIP carriers, and end-user companies.

IMS meets the demands that modern, complex communications services place on an OSS/BSS environment with an architecture designed to offer carrier-grade scalability for the largest and most sophisticated providers. IMS incorporates a unique Service Framework concept that encapsulates within the Framework's core management layer those requirements universal to all services. By implementing a Service Framework operators use one service management system with a centralised database to streamline subscriber management across any number of services. In addition to supporting multiple services from the framework core, IMS also supports multiple business models, including pre-paid, post-paid, retail, wholesale and revenue sharing.

The consideration for the entire Digiquant group will be satisfied through the issue of approximately 15.96 million new Intec shares worth €9.545 million (£6.7 million) plus the repayment of €1 million (£0.7 million) of outstanding loans. Digiquant, which reported revenues of around €16 million in 2002, currently employs 128 professionals in its operations in Roskilde (Denmark), Atlanta, Rome, Singapore and the UK, plus a number of international sales offices.

Digiquant’s IMS product line, combined with Intec’s own market-leading mediation, activation, content management and settlement products, will allow Intec to offer its customers unmatched capabilities for growing revenues from advanced communications services.

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