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Black Cactus

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Black Cactus

25 Apr 2000

ICON negotiated the MBO and first round funding of £1m for games software company from Eidos.

Black Cactus is an interactive entertainment group of "super developers" that design and develop software that revolutionises the way computer games are developed. The company’s tool sets, cut the costs and development time that is needed to bring new games to market by using object orientated "soft architecture" made up of a set of development tools, some software utilities and 3D engine technology. Taken together these form a Windows interface which the games designer can use to develop games quickly with little need of a programmer. Better games, delivered cheaper, faster, and on time and with quality design.The software has an application for mobile communications, digital television, consoles, handheld devices and traditional computer platforms.

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Black Cactus


United Kingdom

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David Bailey, CEO


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Client Comment:

Our experience with ICON has been quite extraordinary; they are hard working, dedicated, determined and very proactive. They immediately understood our problems, shared our vision and helped us make it happen.
David Bailey, CEO, Black Cactus
Black Cactus