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ICON’s roving reporters interview top FinTech CEOs at global events, building a huge wealth of insight and knowledge. View the library here

The FinTech50 TV

The FinTech50 TV:

Eddie Harding of ICON Corporate Finance explores the value of Strategics vs Financial investment for FinTechs with Mariano Belinky - Santander InnoVentures, Albert Creixell - Samsung, Ramneek Gupta - Citi Ventures, Nick Shalek - Ribbit Capital, Stefan

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Richard Theo, CEO of Wealthify - We want to democratize investing

FinTech Interviews   

Petter Made, CEO, SumUp revolutionising the payments sector

The FinTech50   

Anil Malhotra, Co-Founder, Bango at the launch of the FinTech50 2013 on transforming the payments industry.

FinTech Interviews   

Kristoffer Lawson, Co-Founder, Holvi at FinTech50 Launch - Kristoffer speaks about how Holvi can replace traditional banks.

FinTech Interviews   
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